Trick Yourself to Get Free Business Advice

Why is it we can look at another small business and so easily observe what they're doing right or wrong? Ask yourself these self-help business advice questions...

Why is it that we can look at another small business and see what they are doing right or wrong so easily?

So how does the trick work?

Easy: As you go about your day, analyze all the businesses you interact with. How did they do at increasing the average transaction value? Did you get upsold? 

Did the front line employee impress you?  Then simply apply these ideas to your own business.

Start with the basics

Ask yourself these ‘self-help business advice’ questions:

How does your signage appear?

Maybe you have a brick-and-mortar store, or maybe your business is web-based – this question still applies. How well do your customers know your business? Does your website pass the 5-second test?

Do your front line employees use systems to give consistently good service?

Whether it’s greeting the customers in a welcoming manner or asking for referral business – creating good systems is a key to business growth. What is your system to ensure your customers or clients are receiving the best service possible? What are other businesses and your competition doing right that your business isn’t? 

Applying what you observe at other businesses will help improve yours. Observe, learn, test and repeat.

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