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Why Work With Us

Build Personal Wealth

We work with your banker, financial advisor and tax planner as an independent resource to get and keep your business optimized and financially healthy while minimizing risk.

Grow Your Business

We work with your business to determine growth opportunities and help implement the systems to take your business to a new level of success.

Reduce Dependency on You

Do you work too many hours? Is your business completely reliant on you for day to day operations? We help implement a plan to allow owners to enjoy more freedom from their business.

Our Cases

Here are some examples on how we can help you

Employee Challenges

Diagnostic assessment and implementation for human resources change management.

Profit Improvement

Activity Based Gauges - One sheet of paper can tell you so much!

Goals Setting

Experiencing growth or transitioning to a sale; everyone benefits from goal setting.

Pricing Strategy

Developing a low-risk pricing strategy based on customer data is key.

Business Decisions

This business owner was feeling alone, uncertain and unable to make a decision.

A sounding board

Leading change in perspective can have a huge impact on a business.

Advice and Support for Business Health and Wealth

As an innovative advisory firm, we break solutions down into meaningful and measurable bite-sized actions while responsibly and respectfully providing accountability.

Client Testimonials

“The Business Therapist® helped us through what we’d consider to be common business challenges; accounting issues, sales, marketing advice, retirement planning and general business advice. There are so many things that business owners don’t or won’t do – either because they don’t realize they should, or they don’t know who to turn to for advice.”
Martin Bates
Owner, Advanced Basement Systems
“Our CRM system was outdated and time consuming. We were fearing the time consuming and potentially costly change. Together with the Business Therapist®, we found a solution that was a perfect fit for our business and it was seamlessly integrated with very little downtime. This is something we could not have done without the help of The Business Therapist®, and this has increased our productivity.”
Shannon Semande
Office Manager, Festival Tent & Events Rentals
“Paul is the first professional accountant who was able to communicate financial concepts in a way that I understood. He then walked me through a process that enabled me to focus on the right key performance indicators to better manage my business. He is patient, competent, and the type of business therapist you don’t mind opening up to.”
Linda Lord
Group Facilitator, Coach, Speaker, and Storyteller

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