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Whether your business is experiencing growth challenges, or you’re winding down to retirement – We can help.

Employee Challenges

The employees of a business didn’t seem to care. The owner asked for feedback from team members but hears nothing.

Profit Improvement

Success and double-digit sales growth for an independent retail store happened with a little effort and a simple sheet of paper.

Personal Goal Setting and Financial Planning

Defining and communicating personal goals and aligning them with the future of the business.

Increasing Prices, Improving Profits

Price increases are traumatic for many business owners. They have no idea how to approach it and often would rather avoid thinking about it.

Business Decision Difficulties

Poor gauges, a changing industry and general uncertainty had this business owner feeling challenged and alone.

A Sounding Board for Business Challenges

Many business owners have a skill that they transform into a successful business; without a business degree or formal training. It’s not surprising that owning an independent business can be lonely and challenging.

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