Accounting Challenges

Why is it so hard to get a good answer to a tax or accounting question? Is there a better way to get answers to your questions?

Have you ever experienced the following when asking a tax question?

  •       The person with the answer is not available: They are on the phone, out of the office, or on vacation.
  •       When you finally get through to the tax professional, you don’t have the information they require, so now you have to find it and get it to them.
  •       You get them the info and now they have to think about it and get back to you.
  •       When they get back to you, it is a verbal response and they take no responsibility for the correctness of the answer!

Maybe it’s just me, but I think there must be a better way! Here is my dream solution and why each feature matters:

1)    Speed – A hotline manned by a person with software which enables them to collect all the information they need as soon as you call. This software is connected to a database for existing customers so you don’t have to tell them all your personal details again and again.

2)    Assessment of the importance – Some questions can wait, but others you need right away. This initial call is the moment to determine the priority and to set the fee for providing the correct answer.

3)    A timely and written reply – Computer software is getting so smart these days!  If the correct information is obtained up front, the solution is often just the output of a computer algorithm. Common questions should be answered instantly!

For example, let’s say your tax question is, “Should I own my new truck personally or in my corporation?” The answer to this question depends on a known list of questions and data points. If we collect the data right then and there, the software can determine your answer in a written report in about 5 seconds or less.

For more complicated questions we might still rely on the tax professional, but accurate algorithms and reporting software could make them much more efficient!

What do you think of my idea?

Should I get our software development team to start exploring the development of this software? Let me know your thoughts:

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Author: Paul Foster
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