What Are You Pretending Not To Know?

When you can honestly answer this question, you'll have insight into your business direction and pressing actions.

Sit down with yourself and answer this question about your business and see what you can discover.

What Are You Pretending Not To Know?

Spend 30-60 minutes a day until you have some concrete, honest answers. No phones, no computers. Nothing that beeps. No distractions. Take a walk in the woods, if you can.  When you feel like you have some good answers, set them aside for a few days. Then repeat the process, this time digging deeper, peeling back the various layers of each answer.

While it’s a simple question and process, staying with it usually requires an unnerving amount of focus and effort. The answers, though, will be worth it; they will be a guide to the most pressing actions that need to be taken.

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