When to ‘Let it Go’ and Have a Nice Day

Whatever your frustrations are, they are YOUR frustrations and they don’t do YOU any good by hanging on to them! Maybe it's time to 'let go'.

It’s hard to take your own advice. Today, I will suck it up and do it!

Here’s the story – shortened for your benefit!

  • My 2008 Mini Cooper broke its engine two and a half months ago, shortly after the warranty ran out.
  • My local mechanic looked at it and sent it to the dealer.
  • There was a one month delay in getting parts.
  • Mini Canada and USA were no help.
  • Since it broke 400 miles from home, I have over $1,000 in rental cars – no loaners were available.
  • Went to pick it up 2 weeks ago and there was a puddle of oil under it! Yikes.
  • Apparently a turbo clamp went missing – everybody says somebody else has it.
  • Can’t buy just a clamp, need to buy a new turbo!
  • I found a used turbo and clamp on E-bay.
  • Should be ready Monday – actually Tuesday now.
  • Tuesday, got the call, the oil line is broke too – need to order a part.
  • Promised first thing Wednesday.
  • Sorry, part came in late, need to make sure it works, how about Thursday?


I could just blow a gasket myself and go ballistic on everybody.

Or follow my own good advice – let it go, pay the bill and have a nice day.

Whatever the frustrations are, they are MY frustrations and they don’t do ME any good by hanging on to them!

I have let them go – good bye!

Thanks for listening.

P.S. Anybody heading towards Potter County, PA this weekend? I might need a ride home  😛

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