The Definition of an Entrepreneur

What is an entrepreneur?

Here is my definition of an entrepreneur:

An entrepreneur is a person who has a clear vision of their future business. He or she has the ability to assemble a team and communicate the vision to them in a way that motivates everyone to work together in pursuit of the vision. The entrepreneur’s main role is to passionately lead the team forward to accomplish the vision.”

Contrast that with a business owner performing the technical skills of the business.

If you want to grow the business as the technician, you have to work harder yourself.

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If you want to grow the business as an entrepreneur, you have to:

  • Clarify and communicate your vision
  • Assemble a great team to work together
  • Passionately lead the team

For greater clarity, none of the entrepreneurial skills require the ‘working in’ the business technical skills.

In my opinion, thinking like an entrepreneur is working smarter instead of working harder.

Do you concur?

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