Perspectives on the Importance of Your “Job”

At the risk of sounding old-fashioned and stereotyping, I want to use the scenario of the hard-working business owner dad and the hard working stay at home mom to ask a question about the importance of each one’s job.

The dad has a very stressful workload. He has to deal with customers, employees and there are serious financial and critical business decisions to be made. The success or failure of these decisions determines how much food ends up on the table for the family.

The mom has a lot of stress too. Besides the likely role of assisting to de-stress the hard-working dad, there are some important early morning decisions to be made around parenting. To their children, these are big issues too:

1) I need to make sure I have hot-dog money on hot dog day! Can you imagine the trauma of everyone else getting hotdogs and you can’t because your parent forgot it was hot dog day?
2) What to wear to school? These are also big decisions!

So here is the question:

Who has the more important job? Mom or Dad?

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Author: Paul Foster
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