Online Reviews – More Important Now Than Ever

Whether you’ve had a positive or negative experience with a business, as a business owner, you know the importance of online reviews. Now, more now than ever, people are relying on online reviews to research and learn about your business.

When you have a positive interaction at your business, simply ask your customer to leave a review.

Customer: “You’re doing a great job here considering all the new measures.”

You or your employees: “That’s so great to hear. It’s been a challenge, but we’re so happy to be open. We’d really appreciate if you had the time to leave us a review online.”

Let your customers know where to leave reviews. Top options include Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp and BBB. Check-in regularly with each site (once you claim your business, you can set it up to be notified when you receive a review) and reply to every review in kind. 

If you have any questions about online review management, reach out to us: 

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Author: Liz Grady
Liz is our resident social media consultant. She works with businesses to create an effective online strategy; from website content management to email marketing and utilizing social media.