Online Reviews – More Important Now Than Ever

as a business owner, you know the importance of online reviews. Are you contributing to the conversation? Do you review businesses online? Here's our advice:

Whether you’ve had a positive or negative experience with a business, as a business owner, you know the importance of online reviews. Now, more now than ever, people are relying on online reviews to research and learn about your business.

When you have a positive interaction at your business, simply ask your customer to leave a review.

Customer: “You’re doing a great job here considering all the new measures.”

You or your employees: “That’s so great to hear. It’s been a challenge, but we’re so happy to be open. We’d really appreciate if you had the time to leave us a review online.”

Let your customers know where to leave reviews. Top options include Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and BBB. Check in regularly with each site (once you claim your business, you can set it up to be notified when you receive a review) and reply to every review in kind. 

If you have any questions about online review management, reach out to us: 

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