Give More Value to Your Customers

When your business positions its expertise in a way that adds real value to the customer, the conversation moves from ‘How much is it?’ to 'What incredible value!'

This story is a great example of positioning your expertise in a way the customer can really value it, particularly important now as so many businesses struggle to stay open, relevant and successful. 

Once in New Orleans, I went into a retail store that manufactured and sold gas and electric lights fixtures. The salesperson was very polite and knowledgeable. After sharing some good information such as the fact they have over 500 styles and they never discontinue any of them, he made an additional offer:

If you send this light fixture company all the information about the location, style and dimensions of the place you want to put your new fixture, including as many pictures as you want, they will review it and make their own expert recommendations for the light fixture that is right for you. They do this free of charge.

Position your expertise to give value to the customer

It also changes the conversation from “How much is it?” to “What incredible value!” Once the business and the customer establish a relationship and start down the path of determining the best fixture, it would be pretty tough for a competitor to get the business.

When I discussed this unique expert offering with two Windsor, Ontario area business owners who happened to be there with me, I discovered they too offered this service: When the customer includes the value of the expert service received to the price of the light fixture, paying a little more money results in getting a lot more in total value.

Think for a moment how these two businesses position their value to potential customers:

A furniture store that reviews your furniture needs from colours to patterns and room designs. The salespeople will view photos and videos to help the customer make the best purchase decision.

A safety supply store that does an in-person or virtual walk-through of your business and assesses safety issues. 

Both these businesses offer these services free of charge, again changing the purchase decision from “how much” to “what incredible value”!

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