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This powerful advice for business owners can help strengthen their own intentions and goals in small business management, leadership and success.

My friend and mentor Rick Solomon says: “The world doesn’t care what you think. It just reflects it back as the truth.”

As you ponder Rick’s statement, realize that the way you see the world is really up to you.

If you base your reality and decisions on the belief that ‘the glass is half empty,’ then you will see the glass as half empty. A colleague of mine sees the same glass as completely full: half of it with water and the other half with air!

Use the Power of Intention

This powerful advice for business owners can help strengthen their own intentions and goals in business management, leadership and success.

The profitability of believing is a win-win situation

Rick provides solid business advice on how to state a goal or intention. Instead of stating, “I want to stop losing sales to my competitors,” it is better to restate the intention in a positive – such as “I allow my business to close more sales.” Or better yet: “I allow my business to obtain mutually beneficial transactions with our best potential customers.”

In coaching small business clients, I observe the profitability of being positive and optimistic.

There is a strong correlation between the business owner’s positive attitude and businesses growth.

Unfortunately, there is also a strong correlation between business owners that are less optimistic and a struggling business – because, from their perspective, customers are difficult, employees are a challenge, and the whole economy is sliding backwards.

A perfect example

Have you heard the story of the shoe manufacturer looking to expand to a developing country? The owner has two sons and he sends them to the new market to research opportunities.

The first son returns and says “Forget it, Dad. Hardly anybody wears shoes over there and people still go barefoot.” The second son returns and says, “What a wonderful opportunity! Most of the country is still barefoot and in need of shoes.”

What’s your belief? Full or empty? You get to choose – either way, it will be true.

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