How to Hire an Employee – Quick Tip

Hiring or firing an employee can be tough. Here are two short and simple suggestions...

So what’s the best thing about your business? – The people!

So what’s the biggest frustration about your business? – The people!

Here’s a short and sweet suggestion:

Hire for attitude, train for skill

I first heard this saying from Herb Kelleher, who was the founder of Southwest Air. He found it was too hard to change attitudes, but skills could be taught.

If you haven’t implemented the above philosophy, there is a modified version to consider:

Fire for attitude, hire for attitude, train for skill.

Having to fire someone is tough to do, especially when it’s your brother-in-law! Kidding aside, because it’s tough to fire someone, it is recommended to do it first thing in the morning, otherwise, it wears on you all day up to the event.

If you would like to explore this topic further, we are here to listen.

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