Bad Backup Behavior

There are actually two problem behaviors that are usually in the way of doing a backup... and both are easy to overcome.

Are you doing computer backups ?

I will likely get around to doing mine tomorrow!

Why don’t some of us do this when we know we should?

It is usually a behavior problem.

Bad behaviors result from problematic beliefs. For example:

Problem Belief: I won’t have a problem with my computer today so I don’t need to do a backup.

Or it could be a legitimate constraint:

Constraint: – I don’t know how to actually do the backup.

Actually both issues are usually in the way of doing a backup. It is not high on the list of urgent or important problems and the actual or perceived complexity of actually doing the backup is also an issue.

With respect to the first issue of urgency, this is up to you to consciously decide to put your backup routine as a bigger priority than getting your next coffee. If you could invest a smaller amount of time and energy once and make it an automatic program going forward, maybe you would invest the time.

The next problem is the complexity of the change. If I could just put a big blue button right here in the this blog post that would backup your entire computer files with just one click, I think the complexity would be sufficiently reduced for you to take action.

Since I can’t actually do this, here are some ideas to get you to take action:

  • Schedule 15 minutes with yourself tomorrow to figure out how to complete your backup.
  • Schedule someone else to assist you in making a backup and ask them to keep you accountable.
  • Google – “Easy ways to do a backup” right now.

There is one other way I decided to utilize to get the action to happen: Write a blog about it so I feel compelled to actually do this myself and avoid the embarrassment of having a bigger problem one day because I didn’t do it!

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