Business Tip – The Power of a Good Purge

For most of us, it feels pretty good to do a ‘purge’ in our business lives. For example, it is a commonly known fact that a clean desk can result in a more productive workspace.  However, there are two main types of purging:

1)     The ‘Chip Away At It’ purge – This type of purge has some benefits but it is only a partial purge. For example:

  •      You delete 52 emails from your inbox, but you have 734 to go through
  •      You clean up part of your desk but bury a pile of papers, which are out of sight only temporarily
  •      You start to clean the shop floor but you become distracted and decide to get back to it later (i.e. never)

The problem with a ‘Chip Away’ method is that it is only a partial purge. The remainder lingers in your conscious or subconscious mind as something still to do. These outstanding tasks still weigh on you.

2)      The most powerful purge is ‘The Complete – 100%’ purge.

Pick one and only one area you want to purge – emails, files, bad employees, poor customers, the shop floor, your office desk,  unreturned phone messages, whatever it is and do a complete – 100% purge!

The power of unloading this task by completing it 100% is a great way to re-energize your entrepreneurial spirit.

In summary, if you are going to do a purge and get the maximum energy boost from it, start and finish one purge completely!

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Author: Paul Foster
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