A Technology Prediction

I’d like to share a strange dream about a technology transformation that I think could happen.

Texting is a common form of communicating today – regardless of age. It’s so easy, I can create a text with my iPhone by simply speaking into it.

I predict this voice-to-text technology will eventually evolve to the point that you can speak into a device and the person you are communicating to will communicate right back -immediately!

Think about the possible improvements in communication between people! But wait a minute – we already have that – the telephone of course

And it is still a more effective method of communicating than texting most of the time!

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Author: Paul Foster
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  • Ha Ha! Yes, that’s right, we do have the telephone. This is a funny and ironic post. I think the reason why texting is so popular is because people don’t really want to talk to the person. It takes too long! If they text, then the conversation is as long as the text message, which is typically quite short.

  • Mary you make good points. I wonder if the predicted telephone conversations will be as short as the texts then?

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