You Need a Quarter to Make a Dollar

Even in challenging times, “spending a quarter” makes sense. If you are short on cash, consider “renting” some for a period of time.

I used to carry out groceries when I was a teenager. Tips were rare, and every carryout boy could remember who the rare tippers were. One old farmer with a big, blue Lincoln Towncar always gave a 25 cent tip. And he always added the following advice:

Now remember son, you need a quarter to make a dollar!

Once I got into business, I knew what he meant. It takes money to make money!

Even in challenging times, “spending a quarter” makes sense. Just look at the alternative … if you keep cutting and slashing expenses eventually you have nothing left! The key is to look at your business spending as revenue-producing investments.

Action solves anxiety – The fear of making a bad investment and wasting scarce resources is very real. But this fear can get in the way of action. The only way to grow a business is to invest time, money and people into revenue-producing activities.

If you are short on cash, consider “renting” some for a period of time. If you could “ rent” quarters for a few pennies and use them to make dollars, you can pay back the quarter and keep seventy-five cents for yourself!

If you operate your business in Southwestern Ontario, there is a new government program which provides loans (basically quarters for rent) to eligible businesses. It is called the Regional Relief and Recovery Fund – all the details are here. It is intended to fill the gaps for businesses that don’t qualify for other support programs.

If you are still anxious about spending the quarter, we would be happy to review the decision making process with you. There are useful ways to “de-risk” and test a business investment before acting on it. Sometimes a small but successful action is all you need to find a little victory that energizes you to get growing again.

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