Work/Life Balance – Aligning Business and Personal Goals

Proper alignment between the business owner’s personal goals and their business goals is necessary for a healthy, wealthy business and life.

If you are unsure of your personal goals, with what do you align your business future?

As part of our visioning work at The Business Therapist®,  we check for alignment between the business owner’s personal goals and their business goals.

Personal goals to consider

Personal income and equity goalsWhat income would you like to be making in 3 to 5 years? Do you have a target date to be mortgage-free?

Type of work Do you want to work outside or inside? Physical work or use your creative mind? Would you prefer to be the ‘minder’, the ‘grinder’ or the ‘finder’? (translation: management, technician or sales?) Can you do this type of work until you retire?

Retirement planning Are you looking to prepare your business for sale? Do you plan to retire or semi-retire at a specific age?

Work-life balanceDo you want to work less and spend more time with family or are you focused and driven to achieve maximum growth?

In order to see the value of your business plan being aligned with your personal goals, it is easiest to explore the opposite situation of non-alignment. For instance, if you are clear on your personal goals but your current business plan doesn’t support and serve the pursuit of your goals, it is no wonder you hate your job!

Where’s the energy and passion?

If you are “pretending” to be passionate and motivated pursuing business goals, how can you be aligned with your personal goals! Passion and energy come from within you – when your heart is in it!

Are you passionate and full of energy or do you dread your day?

Find a job you love and you never have to “work” another day in your life!

When alignment exists it is so much easier to understand all your goals.

Take a look around you at the successful business owners you know. I suspect you will find they have grown their business in alignment with their personal goals. Alternatively, take a look at the ones who are struggling.

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