How to Win a Business Argument

Who is right? Here's a tip on how to win a business argument.

Who is right?

Here’s a tip on how to win an argument!

First a story:

Dan and Tom were having an argument. They were both quite positive that their position was “right”. In order to make sure, Dan had an idea. He proposed to Tom that he would go up and ask the old man on the hill, known to be the smartest fellow in town.

So Dan went up to see the old man and presented his case to him. The old man considered his arguments and then answered, “Yes, Dan you are right.”

Tom couldn’t believe it when he heard this. Tom decided to go see the old man himself and provide his quite reasonable and logical arguments to him. The old man listened intently and then declared, “Yes, Tom you are right.”

During both these presentations, the old man’s wife was nearby listening. After Tom left, she challenged the old man by saying, “Old man, you can’t tell both Tom and Dan that they are right!”

The old man pondered her comments and then replied to her, “You know, you’re right!”


If you want to be right, you can be, you just need to allow the other person to also be right. Once we understand that it is possible for both to be “right” we can proceed to find a solution assuming this truth.

It is as much a waste of time energy to try and take control of another’s beliefs and mold it to your own as it is to have them try and do the same to you! 

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