Good Employees are Hard to Find

If you believe you can’t find good employees, then it will be true as long as you hold that belief as your reality.

As a business owner, have you ever said, ‘why is it so hard to find good employees?

Let’s determine if this statement is:

a)      A universal truth, or

b)      A belief we hold in our heads

If “it’s hard to find good employees” happens to be your belief, it is impossible to recognize it as such. That’s because your beliefs are your reality, for you, that is the absolute truth.  

Why? Because all of your experiences up to this moment substantiate this belief, correct?

Not quite correct

Actually, if you started “believing” this statement years ago, over time, your mind has “filtered out” experiences that don’t “fit” this belief. You only remember experiences that now support this point of view.

It’s important to remember: A belief is just a point of view.

When a client makes the statement “it’s hard to find good employees”, I will ask them if I can make sure this is a universal truth with questions like the following:

Q: How many employees have you tried to find?

A: Lots

Q: Did you ever find any good ones?

A: Well actually there were a couple – but they were a special case.

Q: How many bad employees did you find?

A: 42

Q: What were the hiring practices that you used?

A: We grab the first person with a pulse we can find.

Q: Even though that didn’t work for the first 20 bad employees, did you ever change the process, investing more effort into employee selection, induction strategies, good training etc?

A: Yes, we tried a few different things but none worked. (i.e. No we didn’t)

Q: Did you make sure and select employees that were aligned with your clearly communicated vision for the business at the point of hiring?

A: Can you repeat that a little slower so I can write it down, please?

It is absolutely fair to believe that “you can’t find good employees”, however, it is fair to accept that this point of view comes from real experiences you have had right up to this moment.

In conclusion, If you believe you can’t find good employees, then it will be true as long as you hold that belief as your reality.

William Shakespeare said,

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”.

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