What Your Business Can Learn from Childish Politics

Here are some tips to make sure the Biden – Trump childish political drama doesn’t make its way into your independent business!

Biden vs Trump – The lesson:

Don’t allow childish politics to ruin your business!

If the U.S. Federal government were a business, it would be one of the largest in the world; with businesses of any size, we know that good leadership is critical.

Here are some tips to make sure the Biden – Trump childish political drama doesn’t make its way into your independent business!

Tip #1: Separate the personal dynamics from the business dynamics

It is fairly common to have both personal and familial relationships in independent businesses; husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, uncles, old girlfriends, new boyfriends, bosses, managers and employees all show up for work at the same time!

The key is to recognize that family emotions and business activities go together like oil and water – not very well.

Once this dynamic is understood, the goal is to make it business-like at the business so you can be family outside of the business.

A very simple and functional tool to create this space is to first acknowledge that these emotional relationships exist and then ask everyone to transition to the business mindset. By initially acknowledging the emotional aspect, respect is given first, but then everyone is required to detach and get down to business.

Essentially, the focus on business issues needs to be objective and rational with the personal issues and emotions set aside.

Tip #2: Know when to “drop the rope”

Imagine you are in a tug of war with an opposing force. What happens when you drop the rope?

The other side falls on their butt!

As you do this, you want to be aware of your body language. You may not realize it but when someone is acting childish, it could have been subliminally triggered by you pointing your finger or standing with your hands on your hips!

When you communicate like the “parent” – you can trigger the childish response.

The best business communication is assertive, respectful and “adult-like”. Communicating as an adult (not a parent or a child) is the best way to get an adult response.

Tip #3: Learn and understand the concept of “Servant Leadership”

I know there are many American and Canadian public servants who have embraced this model of leadership. In order to grow as a servant leader, it requires you to let go of your ego. Somehow, I think this model has been lost in the current U.S. Presidential election and effects of it are painfully clear.

As you reflect on how your independent business should be led, or how the largest government in the world should be led, I close with some quotes from celebrated servant leaders:

“Real leaders are not blinded by the trappings of power but recognize their role as servant.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“True leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not to enrich the leader.” John C. Maxwell

“The first and most important choice a leader makes is the choice to serve, without which one’s capacity to lead is severely limited.” Robert Greenleaf

The coloring agent of Truth is ego. The less the ego, the less the coloring of Truth.” Lester Levenson

If your business is struggling with personal and family dynamics, please reach out to us; we’re here to help. paul@thebusinesstherapist.com

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