Trusting Your Gut: A Quick Technique for Making Big Business Decisions

Making important business decisions can often be overwhelming and lead to analysis paralysis. Sometimes the best approach is to go with your gut feeling.

Struggling with a big business decision? Try this tool:

One of the techniques I use when someone is indecisive is to ask them a simple question: “If you had to decide in the next 10 seconds, what would your decision be?” Surprisingly, more often than not, this prompts them to come up with a decision almost instantly.

So why does this work?

By posing the hypothetical 10-second question, it bypasses the analytical thinking and taps into their gut feeling. While this may not necessarily be the final decision, it brings awareness to their instinctive response. This, in turn, helps them understand the underlying factors that are causing them to be stuck in the decision-making process.

The beauty of this technique is that it can be applied beyond business decisions. You can try it with friends and family, and observe how it helps them gain clarity and make choices.

Have you ever relied on your gut feeling when making an important business decision? How did it turn out?

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