Tip for More Focused Business Meetings

A lot of effort can go into business meetings. When attendees frequently check their phones, it can distract themselves and those around them.

Mobile phones can be a great tool to improve society in many ways, however, they can also be a problem. Our lack of being able to enjoy silence or any form of undistracted time has been increased by our constant access to our phones. To focus on their impact in business meetings, it is clear that they can have a negative effect.

Meetings often involve time and effort to select who should attend and finding the right day and time that works for everyone. However, attendees frequently check their phones throughout the meeting, distracting themselves and those around them. The presence of phones can even hinder the process of building relationships, understanding, trust and empathy between employees.

We can picture a similar situation if, rather than checking their phones, attendees brought extra people – coworkers, clients, their family and friends – to the meeting. This is what our phones represent – our ever-present network.

Therefore, meetings should be used to create real discussions that generate better solutions to business challenges. We should use this time to strengthen relationships and build trust and empathy amongst employees, which will create a healthier and more productive business.

Put your phones away and don’t waste time in meetings.

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