Time and Energy Management Tip – Learn to Say NO

Want more time in your business day? Have you spread yourself too thin?

Is it because you agreed to a task that you should have said “NO” to?

You’re being too nice!

Time pressure increases for those who are too nice to say “no”. The problem with this symptom is that everyone around you tends to learn this information. They will ask you to do tasks in order to free their time or help them have more energy.

The solution is to be just a little bit nicer to yourself than to the others.  It’s not easy but the key is to act swiftly and decisively. “No” means no, final answer.

In order to have more time and energy, you need to set your own boundaries. If you don’t set your boundaries and let others invade your space, you will have less space!

Sometimes we are fuzzy on the boundary line.

The solution is to get clarity on what is the most important and productive use of your time. What are the priorities for you to focus on? These are the tasks that should occupy the best of your time and energy.  Looking at this from the other side of the fence will help you determine what activities need to stay outside your boundary.

Only when you can communicate clearly and consistently to others that this is your focus and this is why it’s important, will you get traction.

For example, let’s say your focus should be on contacting new and existing customers. When your team asks you to help figure out the delivery schedule the correct answer is, “No, thank you.”

It’s not easy, but until you stop figuring out the delivery schedule for the team, they will never figure out how to get it done another way!

If you let people invade your space, they will invade your space.

It also means more time and energy for you! Yes!

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Author: Paul Foster
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