There is No Magic Pill for Small Business Success

If we could invent a magic pill that business owners could take to solve all their problems – our business problems would be solved too!

Many times, we come across business owners looking to us to provide the magic pill. While you might think they would be good clients, actually they are not.

Fixing problems or achieving business goals don’t work unless the business owner takes ownership of the problem and is prepared to lead the business forward. Once they take ownership of issues and clarify goals, the business owners who can focus on doing 100 things 1% better are the ones that get the best results!

Looking for the magic pill is just like trying to find the one thing to do 100% better. It doesn’t work. 

The key is to do 100 things 1% better.

It’s that simple.

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Author: Paul Foster
Paul's life’s purpose is to bring more cash, freedom and happiness to independent business owners. Paul wants to learn about your toughest business challenges and frustrations so he can help you tackle them.