The Importance of “Taking a Break”

As business owners, we all know the importance of taking a break and getting away from the day to day routine of business. 

This time away is not only important to recharge our batteries, whether for a one day stay-cation or travelling abroad for an entire month; separating yourself from your business has many other benefits: 

  • Time to pursue non-business related hobbies and activities
  • Reconnect with friends and family
  • Re-evaluate work and personal goals

Aside from being away from your business, this time also presents you with the opportunity to “get fired up” about an idea or a project you’ve been thinking about. 

Here at The Business Therapist®, we are all about practicing what we preach! With this in mind, there will be no new blog posts or eNewsletters for a couple of weeks.

It’s time for a break! 

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Author: Liz Grady
Liz is our resident social media consultant. She works with businesses to create an effective online strategy; from website content management to email marketing and utilizing social media.