Soft Skills for Business

I was at a meeting last week, where the idea of increasing the soft skills training in the business community might help the region grow. It was confirmed by another participant that the region who could get the jump on this would really differentiate themselves.

So what are soft skills anyway?

Communication skills – This would include development of better listening skills.

Leadership skills – Courage and clarity would fall into this category.

Personal Relationship skills – I assume the development of respectful, trusting and honest relationships would be included in soft skills too.

Soft skills also includes people skills, social skills, thinking skills, empathy and optimism.

I think the participants at this meeting might be onto something! In fact, we at The Business Therapist® totally agree – that’s why it’s such a big part of our business model!

This thinking kind of suggests that a business and an entire region might improve with the personal improvements in the soft skills of it’s workforce.

This is a concept worth exploring!

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Author: Paul Foster
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