Preparing Your Retail Business for “The New Normal”

The reopening of businesses has been likened to turning on a dimmer switch, rather than switching a light on. Now is the best time to prepare for the future..

Whether your business was required to close completely, was deemed essential and remained open, or you’ve had to change your procedures with delivery or emergency service offerings; now is the best time to prepare for the future of your business.

The reopening of businesses and the economy in general has been likened to turning on a dimmer switch, rather than switching a light on, and regardless of your type of retail operation, very likely, it will not be “business as usual” anytime soon.

Schedule time each day to speak to your customers and document the responses. Consider questions such as:

  • When we are able to reopen, would you still prefer delivery and curbside-pickup options?
  • What steps can we take to help ensure your health and safety?
  • What products or services are you most looking forward to purchasing in our store?
  • What are the best hours for you to visit your store? Would you make an effort to still support our business with reduced hours of operation?

Based on the customer feedback you’ve received, and updated health and safety recommendations, review the layout of your shop:

  • How is the traffic flow?
  • Can customers easily navigate your store while maintaining an appropriate social distance?
  • Can you improve floor space with better organization or perhaps storing seasonal items that are no longer relevant?
  • How will you monitor and enforce a maximum number of customers in your store?
  • Do you, or should you have protective, clear vapour barriers at the cash area?
  • How will your cleaning procedures change?

More to come next week in Part 2 – Retail Business Preparedness: Taking Action

We’re interested in the preparations you are undertaking for your retail business’s “new normal”. Feel free to leave us a comment or drop us an email.

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