Need to Make a Business Decision?

Business owners face many decisions, large and small on a daily basis. Here's a simple tool to help you make the decision-making process easier.

Are you a good decision maker?

Can’t decide?

We spend a lot of time coaching our clients on large and small business decisions. We don’t make decisions for our clients; rather, we work with them through the decision-making process methodically.

A Great Business Decision Making Resource

I recently read and highly recommend Chip and Dan Heath’s book “Decisive – How to make better decisions in life and work”.

They share a decision-making tool from Suzy Welch’s book, “10/10/10”.

She suggests to think about your decision in 3 different time frames:

1)    How will you feel about it 10 minutes from now?

2)    How will you feel about it ten months from now?

3)    How will you feel about it ten years from now?

I have used this process myself, and it works very well.

Please let me know how it works for you.

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