Motivation in the Workplace – 3 Tips

Although first published in 1959, The Magic of Thinking Big, by David J. Schwartz, Ph.D  has lots of timeless and valuable ideas. He suggests:

“To activate others, to make them enthusiastic, you must first be enthusiastic yourself.”

I totally agree. Dr. Schwartz provides 3 ways to get motivated or activated:

Grow the ‘I’m activated’ attitude

  • Dig into it deeper – Whatever you are unmotivated with, just learn more about the subject – dig deeper and learn more about it, and your enthusiasm will grow.
  • Live it up – Act alive with your walk and your talk starting with your smile.
  • Share the good news of the day – Forget the bad news.

Develop the ‘you are important’ attitude

Try to make everyone around you feel important – everyone likes to feel important. Show your appreciation. Even just stated someone’s name when you greet them instead of just ‘hello’ proves this point.

Grow the ‘put service first’ attitude

If your focus is to make money first, it is hard to make money. If you put service first, the money comes more easily. Always try to give a little for than someone expects.

The three ideas are probably not new to you. However, they are nice reminders of how much we affect the world around us by our attitudes – good or bad.

Think about some of the more successful people you know – the motivated and ‘activated’ people – Do they practice the above?

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