Business Leaders Set the Rhythm

The leader of any business has the ability to “set the rhythm” for the rest of the team – which is the overall speed at which things get done.

You could call it a “cadence” or “momentum”.

This is what Rudy Giuliani was doing when he held a daily meeting in New York City. He was setting the rhythm of action to be completed daily.

Good or bad, the leaders set the pace

An effective, weekly team meeting can “set the pace” for your business. If executed well, each person leaves the meeting with a list of action items to be completed by the next weekly meeting. As the business owner and leader, only you have the ability to establish a weekly rhythm.

Alternatively, if you have random and ad hoc meetings you are setting the rhythm to be random and ad hoc for the entire team.

The Y Combinator uses terms such as “relentless intensity” – important advice for Silicon Valley startups where the rhythm of successful startups is incredibly fast.

Successful tech startup founder Adora Cheung from Homejoy discussed this recently. Her advice was to take one project and focus on it completely, for a long time until it is done – even if it takes a week!

A week! – She thinks that is a long time?

In summary, if a business owner wants their team to speed up, they need to lead by example.

Become relentlessly focused, get things done and get them done fast.

The rest of the team will follow your lead.

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