Is Intuition Running Your Business?

Would you want to learn about a tool or method that seems counter – intuitive? Welcome to the world of disruptive innovation!

How much do you rely on intuition in your business?

Would you want to learn about a tool or method that seems counter–intuitive?

Welcome to the world of disruptive innovation!

Paul Graham is the legendary co-founder of Y Combinator, one of the most successful technology incubators in the world.

Here is a quote from one of his many great essays:

When I was running Y Combinator I used to joke that our function was to tell founders things they would ignore. It’s really true. Batch after batch, the YC partners warn founders about mistakes they’re about to make, and the founders ignore them, and then come back a year later and say “I wish we’d listened.”

Why do the founders ignore the partners’ advice? Well, that’s the thing about counterintuitive ideas: they contradict your intuitions.

This makes me various curious about innovative business owners in general.

To learn your position, we invite you to take a short, five minute survey on some of the tools and methods used in the startup eco-system.

As a thank you for participating in the survey, we will send you a copy of our free special report “Innovative Entrepreneurs and New Business Models – What You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know”.

It’s our explanation of what we think is the collective ‘intuition’ of the mainstream business world along with our explanation of the counter-intuitive startup methodologies.

Thank you in advance for taking five minutes to complete the survey. We always welcome feedback – the more counter intuitive the better!

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