What’s Happening at Your Business When You are Not There?

I frequent one business and I am always amazed at what happens when the owners arrive.

The staff stands up straighter, cell phones magically disappear, smiles spread like wildfire, team members are off their perches and attentively serving customers. The employees’ radio station of choice is quickly changed to a genre more appropriate to the customers. Employees are friendly, making eye contact and providing fantastic customer service. I’m greeted enthusiastically and by name – when the owners are on site.  

It’s an incredible and immediate transformation.

When the owners are not there, customers barely get a grunt. Team members can be heard complaining about each other, the management, their hours and days off. Customers feel like they are interrupting the employees’ social hour.

In a perfect world, all customers would equally enjoy fantastic customer service. Do you know what’s really happening at your business when you’re not there? Do you really know how your customers are being served?

Ask your customers! Ask your friends and family about their experiences at your business. Are there differences between what you see, what an average customer experiences and how your family is treated? Dig deep, document and really learn about your employees’ behaviours.

Share the good and not-so-good results with your staff. Take what you learn from customer feedback and make exceptional customer service a priority.

Would you like more ideas on simple customer experience improvements? Reach out to us: liz@thebusinesstherapist.com

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Author: Liz Grady
Liz is our resident social media consultant. She works with businesses to create an effective online strategy; from website content management to email marketing and utilizing social media.