How to Collect Money Owed from Customers

Slow paying customers tend to get a lot of attention from business owners, trying to get them to pay.

As a business owner, when a customer is late paying their account, they typically get a lot of attention from you. You might even call them up and ask how things are going and find out if you can help them along – so they can pay their outstanding account!

But when a customer pays you right away, you tend to do nothing – except cash the cheque.

I am guilty of this. I have quite a few great customers who pay my fees right on the spot. I have decided to compile a list of these awesome clients and create a plan to formally thank them for being such great customers.

Pay your suppliers promptly

It also makes sense to pay your suppliers promptly when they do a great job. A business owner knows who the good and bad customers are and hopefully it reflects in the level of service you get from them.

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Imagine if all the businesses that pay their accounts promptly only did business with each other. The slow payers could do business with the other slow payers. I would be interested to know if there is support for this idea or if it has been implemented formally or informally before.

How do you handle your slow paying customers?

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