A Focused Approach to Business

Here at The Business Therapist®, we are taking our own advice and directing focus on one project and 'getting out of the building' to test our new product.

We have many new ideas and products in development at The Business Therapist® and this week we are taking our own advice – focus on one thing and make it happen!

We have a book in development on family business dynamics and another book about small business strategies for taking on big box competitors. We are also exploring platforms for digital business advice and we are working to recreate our popular seminar on managing activities versus results.

Confucius was right – He who chases two rabbits catches neither!

The team has decided to focus on the pricing and differentiation challenge for retailers. We are going to all work together to validate and confirm our ideas are valuable:

  •        Do you, as a small business owner, struggle with pricing strategy?
  •        Do competitors give you grief and force you to discount to get sales?
  •        Do you segment your customer base properly to provide value to the segments that appreciate it most?

Do you have a methodology to work on the above in a systematic way, test your activities and improve your bottom line profits?

We are taking another great piece of advice to heart this week too:

Get out of the building and talk to business owners!

We really want to know what your biggest challenges are and how we could help you solve them.

Please reach out to us.


1 800 776 Paul

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