Experiential Learning in Small Business and Entrepreneurship

There is a missing piece in the way small business owners acquire knowledge.

I participate in an experiential learning program at a university business school.  It is a great program in part because it provides real life experience for the students. There is a structure and science to the process of experiential learning. The traditional learning method is to attend a lecture or to read a book. The process of ‘experiencing’ something and reflecting on the experience is the alternate way to develop an understanding of the knowledge.

There is a growing body of research on the development of experiential learning methods and the focus seems to be on post-secondary education.

What about the small business owner?

They can attend a seminar just like a student attends at lecture. They can read a book or a blog or watch an instructional video. I find these options to be following the traditional model of learning.

Why is there not a structured and scientific experiential learning model for existing small business owners?

If someone knows of one, please let me know.

This particular challenge is one that we at The Business Therapist® Inc. want to help solve. With all the mountains of knowledge available to small business owners with a simple Google search, why do so many small business owners not take full advantage of the knowledge available?

We think the missing component is a structure where a business owner can explore the use of practical new business knowledge by experiencing it first hand. We know that business owners learn from their experiences. We are exploring ways to accomplish these experiences in a more scientific and less expensive way.

We will keep you up to date in our progress.

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Author: Paul Foster
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