Eliminate These Two Words in Your Customer Service Interactions

Two little words can have a big impact on your customer service interactions.

You know that it’s often the “little things” that matter most to your customers, especially in a competitive environment. 

So let’s work to eliminate these two words from your customer service interactions: 

“No problem.”

This phrase has become increasingly popular over the years. 

Hi, can I take your order? 

Yes, could I please have a large coffee? 

No problem, drive on up. 

Consider what the casual tone of this reply may infer to your customers: 

There are other problems, but your order doesn’t happen to be one at this time.  

The “no” has a negative connotation, and “problem” is synonymous with difficulty, a challenge or an inconvenience. 

Could you imagine ordering a coffee and the reply is, “That’s not much of an inconvenience, drive on up.”?

Personally, when I hear this expression I think, “I sure hope it’s not a problem to serve me, it’s your job.” To me, the “no problem” response is just as empty as no response at all, or even “whatever”. 

Take a few minutes to review the customer interactions at your business. Consider the businesses you frequent with excellent customer service. If the little things such as polite interactions matter to you, then likely the little things matter to your customers as well. 

You’re welcome. 

My pleasure. 

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