A Simple Tip for Decision Making in Business

Please, just make a decision!

Indecision can be paralyzing and frustrating to your business as well as your personal life.

I believe it is the actions you take to implement a decision that is more important than which option you choose. But if you can’t decide – then no action happens. If you are stuck between option A and option B, isn’t it better just to pick one and then make the best implementation actions?

Take action

Here are a couple of decision-making tips I’ve developed as an advisor to business owners as well as a decision maker:

1)      When I have a client struggling with a big decision I ask them the following question:

If you had to decide in the next 10 seconds – What would your decision be?

This question helps the business owner find out what their ‘gut feeling’ is on the decision.

2)      I hear from some business owners, that some business advisors won’t share their opinion on a decision with a client as a result of fear or irresponsibility. I think this is a huge disservice to clients and a source of major frustration when looking for assistance. I don’t mind sharing my opinion but I just make sure it is only my opinion.

I would typically say, “Well if it was me making this decision and based on my understanding of the facts, then I would make the following decision…” If your advisor can’t give you their advice why did you hire them?

Maybe the problem is bad advisors?

It brings to the question:

“If you had to decide in the next 10 seconds whether to fire your current business advisor or not, what would you do?”

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Author: Paul Foster
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