Create Time Saving Business Systems

Harness the power of video and the latest technology to create simple, time saving systems in your business.

Back in the old days, we used procedures manuals for recording our systems. At my first accounting firm it was called the ‘How We Do It Here’ manual.

The documented systems came in handy!

One of the most valuable was a one page 5 step process of how to reset the internet connection when it stopped working. When the internet stops working the team stops working, so this system saved us time and money.

The biggest challenge with creating systems in a business is that it takes a long time.

Documenting each step can be tedious and unclear, but technology has developed so that creating visual systems is easier than ever. Even an iPhone is a good quality video camera that can create an easy to use and follow the video system. Video capture software is an easy way to record systems performed on the computer. YouTube is a readily available place to place the video and you can create an unlisted link to the video so only those with the link can watch it.

Instead of asking to document a system in a procedures manual, why not ask them to demonstrate the system record it on video? Then just upload it to YouTube and create a private link.

So simple. 

If you are not harnessing the power of video, you are missing out on a very easy way to create useful business systems. Like anything new, it might take a couple attempts to get the hang of it. But if the people who need to create the systems are ‘visual’, it is the only realistic option for getting it done.

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