Our Approach

Our journey together is about bringing about positive change. It will be about exploring a new mindset, becoming a better leader and new ways for motivating and developing your entire team of employees. Our role is accountability to action, support, facilitate, educate, mentor and coach. Your role will be to take control of your future and to become more strategic and intentional about the path you choose.

The Business Therapist® Difference

Fixed Fee

All expectations are defined and agreed upon up front.

100% Guaranteed

If you aren’t happy with our services, you get your money refunded – period.

Mutual Commitment

We require a mutual commitment, so everyone is invested in the growth of you and your business.

Long-Term Relationships

While we offer value in impactful quick change, we understand that businesses benefit from enduring relationships.

We are seeking long-term relationships. We can and have given great value in three month projects but there are unlimited needs and wants of growing businesses. We proceed quickly when you are energized to create significant changes and we can slow down to support and maintain the accountability to execution while developing a highly profitable business model.

Our approach gives you someone to talk to about your business – it doesn’t have to be lonely. The best golfers in the world have coaches. For those independent business owner willing to look outside for help, we have everything you need.

Our approach is about “learning to surf”.  Business ownership is fluid, dynamic and agile. Our approach is designed to match your world. We are flexible and accommodating riding the rough waters of business. But the seas will never calm, and we’re here to help you learn to surf.

Expect us to help bring the important decisions to the surface and get decision made and actions implemented.

We understand your business is different. Every business owner tells us this. It is part of what makes you and independent entrepreneur. But there are also proven methodologies and strategies that work across all industries. Clarity of vision and employee motivation is not industry specific. Making good decisions with actionable data is important to every business.

We trust you to know your industry and we ask that you trust us to share the methods that already provided cash and freedom to our clients.

Our approach requires personal skills development. Working with leadership and management, we help identify then remove potential barriers to success. This is the most serious but most rewarding aspect of The Business Therapist® difference.

How can we help you?

Contact us at The Business Therapist® or submit a business inquiry online.

I purchased a vacation rental home and although I was able to do everything myself in preparation to rent it out for an income, I needed help to get it online and marketed.

The team at The Business Therapist® helped me understand what steps were necessary and why a well rounded online presence was important. Within one month of implementation, my vacation rental property was fully booked for the entire season.

Their Digital Marketing Service covered everything I needed: from insights into my best customers to social media recommendations. I couldn’t have done it without them!

Owner, Blue Water Cottages

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