About The Business Therapist®

We work with Independent Business Owners who need help to sustain and/or grow their business and overcome business challenges.

As an innovative advisory firm, we break solutions down into meaningful and measurable bite-sized actions while responsibly and respectfully providing accountability.

Unlike other consulting companies, our customized solutions address the uncertainties which arise from human behavior in order to bring about changes that stick; resulting in more cash, freedom and happiness for independent business families.

“We help business owners be more strategic, more decisive and more accountable to themselves.”

Our Mission

We believe successful independent businesses are the backbone of any vibrant community. As an independent business our self, we enjoy the responsibility of supporting our extended business families and their community needs.”

Smart Goal Setting and Strategic Planning for Startups

The Business Therapist® helped us through what we’d consider to be common business challenges; accounting issues, sales, marketing advice, retirement planning and general business advice. There are so many things that business owners don’t or won’t do – either because they don’t realize they should, or they don’t know who to turn to for advice.

Martin Bates Advanced Basement Systems
Martin Bates
Owner, Advanced Basement Systems

We want to know your leading business frustrations and challenges. Please reach out to us.