Be Kind, Rewind!

With so much of our professional communication relying on email, here is a consideration for your business interactions.

If you’re old enough to remember the days of renting VHS (or Betamax!) videotapes and seeing the sticker on every box, then you likely remember life before email!

Remember when you actually had to speak to your colleagues and customers?

With so much of our professional communication relying on email, I’d like to suggest the following:

Be kind, respond!

Whether the email is from a co-worker, management or a customer, if there is an action related to the email, this is the perfect opportunity to:

  1. Demonstrate your professionalism
  2. Manage expectations

It only takes a few seconds to send a quick and well-written response.

Hi Nathan,
I received your request for an estimate. I’ll be in your area very soon and will get back to you by Friday. Thank you for your consideration.

It’s just plain courteous.

Good email communication also provides us with the opportunity to exceed expectations. Imagine ordering a pizza and being told it will be delivered in an hour, and it arrives after 45 minutes. You’re happy, you’re impressed with their speed of delivery!

The same can be done with your business interactions. Personally, I always reply in this manner to emails. I set up my digital calendar to remind me of upcoming tasks and I always give myself extra time to complete the job, exceeding expectations and never missing a deadline.

It’s a good habit. It demonstrates consideration, and most of all; it’s kind.

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