Aligning Your Business and Personal Goals

As a business owner, do you ever feel like you are sitting in the back seat and your business is driving your life from the front seat?

This happens a lot…

We call this an alignment problem.

It is usually because your personal goals aren’t aligned with your business goals. The business goals take priority.

A loss of passion

One of the symptoms of your goals not being aligned is losing the passion for your business.

How can you get passionate about the direction of the business if it’s not the direction you want to go personally?

At first, a business owner will question why we begin the goal setting process by asking them to identify and document their personal goals. We explain that once we get clarity on the personal goals, we can start working to align the business vision with your personal goals!

Business goals should align with and serve your personal goals

There is a lot of research about the attributes of a successful business. One of the consistent attributes of a successful business is an owner that is passionate about the business. In our experience, getting passionate for your business is much more likely to happen when your business is aligned with and serves your personal goals and ideals.

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Author: Paul Foster
Paul's life’s purpose is to bring more cash, freedom and happiness to independent business owners. Paul wants to learn about your toughest business challenges and frustrations so he can help you tackle them.