Be Courageous in Advancing Your Business Strategic Plan

'Burning of the ships' might just give you the courage and commitment you need to move forward with your strategic business plan.

Burn the ships!

Legend has it that when a military leader landed on enemy shores with a smaller army than the opponent, he ordered his men to ”burn the ships!” He did this to obtain a commitment from the soldiers to execute the plan and eliminated the option of turning back.

Don’t turn back at the first sign of challenge

I find this analogy important for a business owner or team that is exploring a new market or a significant change in their business strategic plan. Quite often there is a lot more comfort and ease in maintaining the status quo in business management and activities. Even when attempts are made to “land on enemy shores” and make a move, the comfort of the old model makes it easy to retreat when the first sign of adversity appears.

If there is a battle for time, energy and resources between the existing strategic direction and the new model, it is typical for the current to suck the ships back towards the comfortable and more stable pursuits.

If you are truly passionate and committed to pursuing your dream, why not consider “burning the ships”? There is nothing wrong with preparing the team ahead of time and unloading sufficient supplies before the big fire, but the burning of the ships might just give you the courage and commitment you need.

When you think about it, after burning the ships, you will now be 100% focused, driven and passionate about your dream. What else could you ask for?

What courageous action have you taken in your business?

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