A Tip for Advertising Effectiveness


One recommendation we always make to business owners is to test and measure marketing efforts.

As example, we’ve been relentless in how the marketing materials are designed and distributed for a workshop we held. Do you see any of your business’s marketing in the points below?

  • What is the best headline?
  • How much do we match the email copy to the landing page?
  • Should the promo video start on its own or do you hit the play button?
  • How many reminder emails should be sent?
  • Should we advertise on Facebook into the Detroit market?
  • What ‘call to action’ is the most ‘sticky’?

Next is analytics – setting up and monitoring the effectiveness of all these efforts.

Click to tweetAre you systematically reviewing the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns?

If not, how do you know what’s working for the money and time invested?

Now we’re going to learn what’s working and what’s not and based on this information, we’re going to be able to re-direct our efforts because we’re monitoring, measuring and testing.

It might not be easy, and it might be time consuming, but….

Measure, monitor and test all of your advertising efforts

(and that’s just the beginning!).

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Author: Paul Foster
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