3 Tips to Improve Your Business Motivation

Success is less about what you know and more about the actions you take. 3 Tips to Improve Your Business Motivation.

Success is less about ‘what you know’ and more about the ‘actions you take’.

While it is true you ‘need to know what you need to know’, this knowledge is fairly easy to obtain. The problem is when the ‘option of doing nothing’ exists.

Eliminate the option of doing nothing!

As long as this option exists, it tends to be the default behavior for many business owners and this behavior becomes the future. Why not? The option of doing nothing is easy, it’s comfortable and it is perceived to be the least risky.

Since we move away from pain quicker than we move toward pleasure, we stop doing nothing when the pain of doing nothing increases to a high enough level.

Let’s say your business is going to run out of money at the end of the week, it is then you might get serious about collecting money from your deadbeat customers.

Doing nothing until you are almost bankrupt is a re-active strategy to say the least. The successful businesses have acted much sooner. Here are some proactive ways to eliminate the option of doing nothing.

1) Acknowledge the behavior exists and then develop a strategy for action. Create some artificial pain for yourself for continuing to do nothing. This type of behavior modification is the same method used with young children. If you don’t act, then something you want is taken away from you (pain). It works, no matter what the age group!

2) Develop a strategic action plan with built in accountability. You bring accountability by committing it to paper and reviewing it regularly. You also bring accountability by communicating your strategic plan to your stakeholders. Set milestones along the way to keep you on track.

3) Hire a coach. Just like a personal trainer keeps you motivated to act at the gym, a coach will support your efforts and keep you on the action plan. A business coach also brings resources and knowledge to supplement your efforts.

Action solves anxiety.

Action stimulates creativity and more actions.

All you need to do is stop doing nothing.

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