2 Crucial Elements to Business Success and Happiness

Honesty and integrity in business still matter, and are an important element to business a successful business and a happy life.

Is it considered “old-fashioned” to run your business with honesty and integrity?

Honesty in Business

The best part about being honest is that you don’t have to remember everything you say because it’s the truth. Honesty is always the best policy, even when it can be personally humbling or embarrassing.

Integrity in Business

A common idea of integrity is, “Doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.” I agree. Integrity is being honest with yourself and holding yourself to a standard that is only judged by you.

The Challenge

The challenge with conducting your business with honesty and integrity is that it can take a long time to build that reputation. There will be questionable opportunities and shortcuts that may be tempting in the short term. Also, consider that initially there might not be any clear benefits for making the short-term sacrifices to maintain your integrity and ethics.

But, for those rare moments when honesty and integrity really matter, it makes all the difference in the world! In these defining moments, you can take comfort knowing you conducted yourself with honesty and integrity and not be concerned about what others may say about you.

My mentor Rick Solomon has a great saying for dealing when others may question your honesty and integrity:

“What people say about you is none of your business!”

That’s right. They may be saying things about you, but in reality, it has very little to do with you and a lot to do with them.

That’s why I don’t even respond to challenges to my integrity and ethics. It’s none of my business!

If someone is trying to engage you in a tug of war, why even pick up the rope? 

If you drop the rope, what happens to the other side?

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