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What Target Canada Could Have Learned from the Lean Startup Movement

The launch of Target into Canada and the retreat two years and two billion dollars later is a great example of a large corporation not utilizing the Lean Startup methods. Key mistakes Business Model Assumptions - They assumed the Canadian business model is the same as the proven US business model. If they would have applied the scientific meth... Continue reading

Struggling with a Business Decision?

Have you figured in the consequences of not deciding? In Dan Ariely’s book, Predictably Irrational, he shares a good story to demonstrate the consequences of not deciding: “A hungry donkey approaches a barn one day looking for hay and discovers two haystacks of identical size at the two opposite sides of the barn. The donkey stands in the m... Continue reading

Free Yourself From Your Business

Working on your business vision is not usually the first thing you do when you get to work. However, by gaining clarity, alignment and then communicating your vision is the secret to freeing yourself from your business. The jobs to be done: Get clarity of vision to get freedom Here is how it works: Step 1: Make sure you are clear about you... Continue reading

The Best Business Advice – Top Articles of 2014

This is a list of the best business advice - the top blog posts we published in 2014. We would like to know which article you found to be most helpful - please leave a comment below. 10. Borrowing and Combining Innovation - Think you have to start your invention from scratch? Why not combine existing innovations? Here are two examples of in... Continue reading

New Year Predictions – Have Caution

‘Tis the season when it’s common to see predictions for the New Year. It is important to be keep the following in mind when reading predictions; whether business, economic, personal or trend related. Predictions allow for an open interpretation of data Predictors are allows to pick and choose whatever data and facts they like and manipulate t... Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Education’s Biggest Challenge

We are big supporters of entrepreneurship education in the school system, however…. There is one huge difference between ‘real world’ entrepreneurial success and academic achievement – in the real world, you can’t ‘game the system’ because you are the creator of the system! Entrepreneurial education’s biggest challenge is to r... Continue reading

How to Grow Your Business – 3 Easy Ways

Get ready to take action and get easy business growth... but just reading this blog won’t make you money. That’s why we give you the tools and gauges to actually make it happen too! By the way, none of this data is on your business’s income statement. That only reports the revenue your business did receive… we want you to find the revenu... Continue reading

Productivity Improvement Actions

Do you really need to read another article on being productive? Aren’t there too many distractions out there already? What you need is fewer distractions – more ACTIONS! The guru of ‘Getting Things Done’ is David Allen. He wrote the book Getting Things Done, created an app, a TED talk and everything else to do with improving productiv... Continue reading

Business Leaders Set the Rhythm

The leader of any business has the ability to ‘set the rhythm’ for the rest of the team - which is the overall speed at which things get done. You could call it a ‘cadence’ or ‘momentum’. This is what Rudy Giuliani was doing when he held a daily meeting New York City. He was setting the rhythm of action to be completed daily. Goo... Continue reading

Is Intuition Running Your Business?

How much do you rely on intuition in your business? Would you want to learn about a tool or method that seems counter – intuitive? Welcome to the world of disruptive innovation! Paul Graham is the legendary co-founder of Y Combinator, one the most successful technology incubators in the world. Successful startups such as Dropbox and Airbnb w... Continue reading