Positive Thoughts Create Positive Results

In a past blog I shared my friend and mentor Rick Solomon’s statement:

The world doesn’t care what you think, it just reflects it back as the truth.

I have had many conversations with individuals in a sales role who don’t quite believe me that they can influence the outcome of a sales meeting just with positive thinking. These same individuals miss out on some sales as a result!

The following scenarios prove without a doubt how positive thinking or negative thinking creates positive or negative events.

An example

Let’s say Gord has an important sales call to make at a potential client. Everything about the sales call is exactly the same but there are two distinct variations on what happens just prior to the sales meeting:

In the first scenario, five minutes before Gord arrives at the sales meeting a black cat crosses his path. Gord is somewhat superstitious and now is concerned he has bad luck. This is most unfortunate this bad luck occurs at the time of this important sales call. The probability of a successful sale has just decreased due to the black cat crossing the path.

In the second scenario, five minutes before Gord arrives at the sales meeting he finds a four leaf clover! Gord is somewhat superstitious and is excited to have this lucky bonus. He is most exciting of the timing of it because he is sure this will definitely increase the probability of his success at the sales meeting!

Your thoughts count – positive or negative.

To start using this power, just imagine yourself finding a four leaf clover just before your sales meetings. If this doesn’t work for you, just send me a self-addressed stamped envelope and I will send you a real four leaf clover to use. I happen to have found hundreds of them and keep 20 or 30 in inventory at all times.

How do I find so many four leaf clovers? Well every time a black cat tries to cross my path, I turn in the other direction – I move my path out of where the cat crosses!

No kidding.

Author: Paul Foster
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