A Tip for Small Business Growth

A bird’s eye view can be a huge help for business problems

As a business advisor, one of my functions is to observe and listen. It amazes me what I am capable of observing in other people that they don’t see themselves.

It is also true that just by observing with an outside perspective and the intention to help improve business activities, I can see the ways in which a small business owner may need business help.

At a retail store a few weeks ago, I helped observe how customer traffic flowed through the sales floor. I asked the assistant manager a few questions and uncovered the reason why sales were low in one section of the store. We talked about how to change the traffic flow to generate more customers into the ‘cold’ section.

Get a fresh perspective

There were existing habits and patterns that needed to be changed at this retail store, but weren’t evident to the owner. We were able to observe, identify, implement and then support a change that improved sales.

A practical example

  • Observe current patterns of behavior in business management and your small business model
  • Identify how a modification or redirection of the pattern might improve the results
  • Implement and monitor a new pattern of behavior
  • Support the new behavior until it becomes a habit or learned skill

Do your behaviors and patterns as a small business owner affect your business? Will a change in your behavior create a positive or negative change in the business performance?

Take the time to observe then move into action.

Author: Paul Foster
Paul's life’s purpose is to bring more cash, freedom and happiness to independent business owners. Paul wants to learn about your toughest business challenges and frustrations so he can help you tackle them.

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