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What people are saying about the Test a Business Idea program by The Business Therapist®:

“Recently I had the opportunity to take a workshop hosted by Paul Foster, The Business Therapist, and work through his “Test your business idea” workbook. The workshop was very well run and the workbook Paul and his team developed provides an excellent guide for anyone who is looking to start a business. As someone who works with startups on a daily basis, I would definitely recommend Paul’s workshop to all of our clients.”

Arthur Barbut, Managing Director, Downtown Windsor Business Accelerator

“I have known Paul Foster for many years, and I can say without a doubt that he is one of the most talented, creative and genuine business mentors I have ever worked with. Having recently attended, and completed the ‘Test Your Business Idea’ program, I am completely blown away by how incredible the program was. What has always impressed me about Paul as a business mentor is his ability take complex business concepts and communicate them in a way that is both comprehensible and understandable, in such a way that individuals can actually apply those concepts in their own business ventures. Paul has taken this incredible skill to the next level- in the ‘Test Your Business Idea’ program, Paul has leveraged the power of technology by creating a web-based online learning program, full of informative and entertaining videos and animations that compliment the educational material and help viewers to fully absorb the concepts. The fact that this is so easily accessible-anyone with a computer can participate from their own home- makes this a program a must for anyone and everyone who has a business idea and needs the guidance of an experienced business mentor to turn their idea into reality.”

Wissam Aoun

What people are saying about The Business Therapist®

“Paul Foster is a wealth of healthy business knowledge. His advice improves business by starting first by improving the business leader (and it works!). Paul is a brilliant small business role model to learn from. I recommend his eBooks because he walks the talk –all his advice has been personally applied to his companies and he has had nothing but success. Accept The Business Therapist® as your virtual business advice support system to grow a happy, healthy, wealthy organization!”

Lorrie Thomas, CEO and The Marketing Therapist®, Web Marketing Therapy®

“In 1988, I started Quality Offset Printers with 4 employees. Over our 22 year career the company grew to 36 employees with sales near $7 Million. From the beginning, Paul Foster worked with all of us from year end financials to team building exercises. In 1991, he helped me secure a substantial operating line with the bank during a time when lending was very difficult to get from the bank. We took on three such expansions during our 22+ years working with Paul.

Paul Foster was always available to us during any crises that came up and we got great input on our current dilemma. We worked closely with Paul and it felt like he was actually my partner. Paul is the furthest thing from a “yes” man. If you work with Paul Foster you better be passionate about what you do because he is very passionate about his involvement with his clients. For that alone, I could never thank Paul enough. I don’t know if we would have survived the tough times without him.”

Mike Bondy, President, Quality Offset Printers

“Thank you for your advice and support. We’ve noticed that after your visits to our Summit Safety team meetings that morale consistently increases exponentially. We all feel much more positive and hopeful that we can and will do great things. Thank you so much for being such a great part of our team!”

Lorna, Owner of Summit Safety, Inc.

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